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Retinal Detachment

A detached retina is a serious medical emergency that should be treated immediately to prevent vision loss.

Our doctors offer a range of options to effectively treat retinal detachment and maintain your vision.

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If you suspect that you are experiencing any of the symptoms of retinal detachment or a retinal tear, schedule a emergency appointment as soon as possible. Contact us online to send a message or request a consultation. You can also reach us by phone:  

Symptoms of Retinal Detachment


Retinal detachment can lead to severe visual impairment and even blindness, and should be treated as a medical emergency. The signs and symptoms of a retinal tear or detachment include:

  • Flashes of light on the outer edges of the central field of vision
  • Sudden increase in the number of observed floaters
  • Heavy feeling in the eye
  • A shadow or veil-like image moving from your peripheral vision toward your central field of vision
  • Blurry vision


Risk Factors

A number of issues can place a patient at increased risk of retinal detachment, including:

  • Aging
  • Extreme nearsightedness
  • Injury or trauma to the eye
  • Previous retinal detachment
  • Family history of retinal detachment
  • Previous eye surgery, such as cataract surgery
  • Previous eye injury
  • Certain eye conditions, such as diabetic retinopathy

The Importance of an Early Diagnosis

Prevention is always the best treatment for any eye disorder. By understanding the early signs of retinal detachment, you can dramatically increase your chances of early detection and successful treatment.

Schedule an Appointment Today

If you have any risk factors for retinal detachment, such as previous cataract surgery, and you notice the symptoms of this serious condition, it is important to take action immediately. By combining extensive training with compassionate care, the team at Retina & Eye Specialists of New Jersey in Hackettstown and Morristown is able to act quickly and effectively in order to preserve your vision.

If you notice any of the signs of retinal detachment, contact us immediately. You can reach us online to request an emergency appointment or reach us by phone at (973) 871-2020.

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Mike B


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Amazing. I can see like I am 18 again. I had no idea how badly cataracts had impacted my vision. I only knew something was wrong. Based on his excellent reputation, I called Dr. Lalin. He replaced the affected lenses in both eyes. I was able to continue working with almost no downtime and very little discomfort. Thank you Dr. Lalin.

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Joanne Dehart


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My mother just got her second eye done. So we've been there twice... The staff was all very patient and kind. They treated my mom with patience, and kindness as she's hard of hearing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!... I know when it's my turn..that's where I'm going!! Dr. Lalin, Dr. Shah..Thank you to all who make up a wonderful team!

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Treatment Options

Dr. Lalin provides a number of retinal detachment treatment options. During a consultation at our Hackettstown or Morristown practice, we can recommend the best treatment plan for you, depending on the severity of your condition.


During a vitrectomy, the fluid inside the eye (vitreous) is drained and replaced. This gives surgeons better access to the retina to repair retinal detachment or address other retinal problems. It can also relieve pressure and allow the retina to reattach itself. Once repairs are made, the vitreous fluid is replaced with air, gas, or liquid to hold the retina in its proper position. 

Traditional surgical interventions for retinal detachment can require a month-long healing period. With this innovative technique, our patients can safely return to their daily activities within 24 to 48 hours. 

Pneumatic Retinopexy

Pneumatic Retinopexy

During the pneumatic retinopexy procedure, Dr. Lalin injects an expanding bubble of air or gas into the vitreous. You will then be positioned in a manner that allows the expanding air or gas to push the detached area against the back of the eye. This approach causes the retina to flatten. The bubble of air or gas is eventually absorbed by the body.

Following the pneumatic retinopexy procedure, patients typically undergo photocoagulation or cryotherapy is seal the retina in place.



During cryotherapy, we apply an extremely cold probe against the wall of the eye, in the area directly adjacent to the detached retina or retinal tear. The probe freezes the area and creates scar tissue. The scar tissue then acts like glue or adhesive that seals the retina in place and closes retinal tears. Dr. Lalin may need to apply the probe to several areas to seal the hole or reattach the retina. In the weeks following the procedure, the bonds securing the retina will naturally strengthen.



While cryotherapy uses extreme cold to treat retinal detachment, photocoagulation uses the heat of a laser to secure the retina to the underlying tissue. During this laser surgery, a highly precise beam is directed at the retinal tear, creating tiny areas of scar tissue that can seal a tear or reattach the retina to surrounding tissues. In this approach, the laser creates small areas of scar tissue that act more like staples to hold the retina in place.

Scleral Buckle Surgery

Scleral Buckle Surgery

During scleral buckle surgery, Dr. Lalin will sew a small piece of rubber or sponge to the sclera, which is the white portion of the eye. The sclera is then pushed toward the center of the eye, resulting in an indentation in the wall of the eye that can relieve pressure on the retina. In appropriate cases, the added support for the retina allows it to reattach to surrounding tissues and close retinal tears.

See These Different Procedures in Action...

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Retinal Detachment FAQs

Can You Still See If Your Retina Is Detached?

In the beginning stages, patients can often see clearly with no symptoms. But as the condition progresses, the symptoms discussed above become more pronounced. Eventually, the condition can result in complete vision loss.

Can a Detached Retina Heal On Its Own?

No, a detached retina will not heal on its own. Seek treatment from an eye doctor to undergo appropriate treatment.

How Quickly Should Retinal Detachment Be Treated?

As soon as possible. The longer the condition is allowed to progress, the worse vision will become. Early diagnosis allows us to offer more conservative treatments to preserve your vision.

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Charlie McNeil


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My experiences with Dr. Lalin, Dr. Shah, and the staff were exceptional. Highly skilled and professional, they offered a comprehensive evaluation and options for treatment. I have had over 5 decades of eye exams, glasses, and evaluations and these doctors and staff are at the top of my list. Excellent!

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sylvia Thiede


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Dr Lalin is by far a blessing his staff really have their act together everyone works as a team . I came all the way from FLA because Dr Lalin came so highly recommended ... so glad I did he is truly the best !

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