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Cataract Surgery and Astigmatism Correction:
Fully Restoring Your Eyesight During a Single Procedure

At Eye and Laser Centers of New Jersey, we can help restore your clear vision so you can return to the activities you love. We offer comprehensive care for patients suffering from cataracts, including treatment for patients who are also suffering from astigmatism. Dr. Sean Lalin uses special incisions to correct astigmatism and allow patients to see more clearly with their new intraocular lenses (IOLs). This sophisticated technique allows us to perform cataract surgery and astigmatism treatment during a single procedure at our Morristown, NJ, surgical center. Using our advanced femtosecond laser, we can restore clarify your vision and sharpen your eyesight. If you are seeking treatment for cataracts and astigmatism, contact our practice today to schedule a personal consultation.


What Causes Cataracts and Astigmatism? 

Cataracts is a condition which clouds the crystalline lens of the eye, resulting in hazy vision. Additionally, colors might not appear as bright as they once did and you might find you have difficulty driving at night.

Clear vision and effects of astigmatism

Astigmatism can also impair your vision, but this condition results from an irregular corneal shape. When corneas are asymmetrical or disproportionate, it will cause distorted eyesight. Although cataracts and astigmatism are not related conditions, many patients suffer from both. Astigmatism can typically be managed with glasses or contact lenses, but cataracts can only be cured with surgery. Thanks to the sophisticated Alcon LenSx® laser system and some of the latest surgical techniques, we can treat both issues during a single bladeless procedure.

Treating Cataracts

Since cataracts cannot be reversed, the only way to remedy this condition is to remove the cloudy lenses and replace them with IOLs. During laser cataract surgery, Dr. Lalin will use our femtosecond laser to access your lens and remove the clouded portions before replacing the lens with an IOL to restore your vision. This procedure is performed with computer-guided software to ensure your safety and optimal results. 

Correcting Astigmatism

As a part of your laser cataract surgery treatment, Dr. Lalin can also enhance your corneal shape to treat astigmatism. This is done by performing limbal relaxing incisions. Using our femtosecond laser, Dr. Lalin will create small incisions in the tissue which rests between the cornea and sclera (white of your eye). The bladeless procedure will relax this tissue and allow the cornea to become more rounded. This process will be performed with the help of a detailed 3-D map created using optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans. By combining limbal relaxing incisions with laser cataract surgery, we can greatly improve your eyesight and quality of life during a single visit to our surgical center.

Reach out to Our Practice to Learn More

At Eye and Laser Centers of New Jersey, we take pride in providing each patient we see with the highest level of care. Additionally, we want our patients to be educated about their conditions and potential treatment options so they can feel confident when they choose to undergo a procedure. Contact our practice today to learn more about this treatment and schedule a consultation.

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